Know IGI

An immersive educational experience with strong student faculty interaction is a must for the proper growth of students. All of our campuses are fully residential with the majority of students staying on campus. Proximity to faculty helps create collaborative situations where students can learn from their teachers outside the classroom setting.
A strong feeling of community exists on each campus. Students are given ample avenues for personal growth and explorations of hobbies. All of our campuses are equipped with a wide range of facilities that make life on campus comfortable and fulfilling.
Campus life is vibrant and engaging. A number of clubs are active on the campuses and the student union is responsible for the management of student activities. The campuses also host various student events and festivals. Each component of the festival or event is designated as a department and is again completely student managed.
Apart from helping students explore their interests, the clubs also helps foster a sense of responsibility.

Why should you choose IGI Sonepat ?

This is probably the first Engineering College in Haryana that is promoted by group of BITSian, Ex-Principal ITM Gurgaon, and Ex-Principal PDM College Bhadurgarh with international Academic credentials.Probably among few Engineering Colleges having academic advisory board-truly International to guide academic processes at I2TB.Academic Leadership provided by Prof. (Dr.) RakeshRanjan, B.E, M.E, Ph.D BITS Pilani, author of Six Engineering Books published from publishing houses like TMH, PHI & Pearson, and Research credential-par excellence.Proximity- Nearest to Delhi in Haryana.If you get academic standard at par to any other Engg. Colleges in NCR, Leadership by Academician with International Excellence, Guided by International Advisory Board- Group of WISE MEN from across the globe, proximity nearest to Delhi and Annual Fee nearly one third to other colleges in Haryana, then why go anywhere?