Vision & Mission

To develop a World Class Disciplined Knowledge Campus imparting Professional/Technical courses leading to recognition as DeemedUniversity. International Institute of Technology & Business is envisioned to be an Academic Management. The Institute will ensure Hiring and Retaining the best faculty and provide avenues for Research and Development. This will involve mentoring the faculty for adopting the latest Teaching Methodologies and Aids, organizing summer and winter teaching workshops for in-house and external faculty to develop manpower in and around NCR that are exposed to cutting edge technologies so that the same can be passed on to the student community.
We strive to develop as an institution of excellence in technical education & research to produce skilled and trained manpower of the highest quality imbibing traditional cultural values to meet the growing technological & socioeconomic needs of our nation & the world at large.
To develop World Class Professional/Technical courses for all. To Bridge the gaps between Traditional and Professional Education and to Develop Competencies in cutting edge technologies. To create Holistic Scholars, Synchronizing Conventional and Modern thinking with Global Outlook and Capability of Adapting the changing requirements. To offer Inclusive Education and innovative Programs that blend Creative and Analytical skills, a Systems Approach and Process Oriented Learning with high degree of Industrial Integration in the delivery mechanism. To provide globally accepted Technical Education. To develop an institution of learning that improves Moral values, inculcate Self Dependence, and Mutual Respect i.e. to develop centre for INCLUSIVE EDUCATION.
To develop high quality technical education institution with emphasis on technical academic excellence, innovative research & development programmes with core human values. The guiding philosophy of the institution is to develop a unique culture that instills responsibility and accountability in partnership with various stakeholders such as parents, society, business and education community.
• Preparing all students for successful careers based on a strong moral and ethical foundation.
• To enable the students to develop their own abilities and talents and discover their teaming potential to the fullest by providing them the guidance of highly qualified and dedicated faculty.
• To be an academic institution in dynamic equilibrium with its social, ecological and economic environment striving continuously for excellence in education, research and technological service to the nation.
• Creating a work culture where teacher enjoys facilitation and learner enjoys learning for Research & Development as well as take initiatives.